Are you looking for more than a satisfactory finish when respraying or painting your car? House of Kolor custom car paint is a premium quality brand of paint that makes your vehicle stand out from the crowd...

Custom Paint for Classic & Supercars

Here at DC Customs, we will provide you with an expert paint service, using only high-quality paint including House of Kolor as well as special chrome paint to ensure your vehicle stands out from the crowd.

House of Kolor was founded in 1956 and since then has stormed the market for high-end paint. Its superior finish can be applied time and time again depending on how many colours or coats you require. All House Of Kolor paints are developed to prevent cold cracking, tarnishing and fading providing an intense colour to last a lifetime.  


Stand Out with House of Kolor

House of Kolor can be used on both Classic and Supercars. This premium custom car paint is recognised around the world for its vibrant quality and shine.

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House of Kolor Customisation

We specialise in the customisation of all prestige, classic and muscle cars. Whether it be a brand-new car direct from the showroom or a 70-year-old classic car we will complete with a high-quality finish to maximum standards. We also customise all types of motorbikes again from brand new or a complete restoration of an older model, House of Kolor can be customized to any colour required.  

Another service we offer here at DC Customs is vehicle graphics. Once the colour change is complete vehicle graphics can be added in any design. These can be hand-drawn designs to stock images and lettering to make your car unique.

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